Bot Blast

Insectweight Combat Robot Event


Bot Blast uses modified SPARC (Standardized Procedures for the Advancement of Robotic Combat) rules for our annual insectweight event. The SPARC documents of Robot Construction Specifications, Tournament Procedures, Match Rules, and Judging Guidelines were created by current EOs to maintain consistency, while also allowing for flexibility and minor modifications between events.  Bot Blast is proud to be a participating SPARC event.

We appreciate creativity and innovative designs, but please avoid exploiting loopholes in the rules to gain unsportsmanlike competitive advantages. Bot Blast EO Jeremy Campbell will make all final decisions regarding a robot's eligibility. Our main modifications from the SPARC standards are that Bot Blast runs a modified double elimination format, no autonomous robots are allowed, exposed lipo batteries result in an immediate KO at the official's discretion, and we use the simplified judging criteria. Please read and understand all of the documents below before participating at Bot Blast.

For specific questions about Bot Blast's ruleset please contact EO Jeremy Campbell using the Contact Us page. For more information about SPARC visit


Bot Blast SPARC Robot Construction Specifications - (PDF)  (DOCX)

Bot Blast SPARC Tournament Procedures - (PDF)  (DOCX)

Bot Blast SPARC Match Rules - (PDF)  (DOCX)

Bot Blast SPARC Judging Guidelines - (PDF)  (DOCX)

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