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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Bot Blast. If you have any specific questions that aren't listed here, feel free to Contact Us.

What is Bot Blast?

It's a robot combat tournament held each year in Bloomsburg PA. Our mission is to grow the interest in combat robotics by providing a small simple event that anyone can participate in or attend.

Robot combat became popular several years ago when large robot television shows such as BattleBots(R), Robot Wars, and Robotica aired regularly. A couple large robot events still operate today, but most events now are for smaller robots and they take place all over the country. Visit to see the list of upcoming events.

What is Robot Combat?

Robotic combat is a fun competitive hobby. It is thrilling to watch, and even more exciting to compete in. Competitors bring custom made remote controlled machines to fight each other in different weight classes in various tournaments around the world.

What is an "insectweight" robot?

An insectweight robot weighs from 1 to 6 pounds. Smaller robots are fun and easy to compete with, and their size keeps construction and transportation costs down for everyone.  The term "insectweight" comes from the names of the weight classes which are named after types of bugs/insects: ant, beetle, and mantis

How do I get started in combat robotics?

Great question! We're always looking to get more people involved in our hobby; events are much more fun when more people and more robots are there. The best place to start is to attend two or 3 events, get to meet some of the builders, and see how the tournaments work. Keep track of upcoming events at When it comes to money, you can put as much into it as you'd like. You can go from starting out with just a remote controlled car or kit robot, to eventually building your own custom machines.

Some useful links to web pages that are devoted to getting people started in combat robots can be found here:

What happened to the 150g Fairyweight class?

The 150g class has been eliminated at Bot Blast due to lack of interest. It is no longer cost or time effective to run this class at Bot Blast.

Will there ever be hobbyweight (12lb) or larger robots at Bot Blast?

There are currently no plans for larger robots at Bot Blast due to the size of our arena, but we always keep our options open for expansion. We will keep everyone informed of our plans as they unfold.

I want to register a robot, but it's class is already full. Will you open a spot for me?

No. Due to time restraints, we will not be allowing any more than the limits listed on

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