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Bot Blast is a retired insectweight combat robot tournament which was held each summer in Bloomsburg, PA by team Dreadfully Wicked Robots at the Columbia Mall. Bot Blast featured antweight (1lb), beetleweight (3lb), and mantisweight (6lb) combat classes which annually fought inside a custom 10ft by 10ft arena. Previous events also hosted 150 gram Fairyweights and 12lb Hobbyweights. Bot Blast was retired by Team Dreadfully Wicked Robots after the 2018 event, capping off an 11-year-run as one of the best insect robot events in the world! Thank you Bot Blast competitors, sponsors, and volunteers for making this such a successful event!

Our members and competitors will be moving forward with a new event designed to raise money for local educational robotics organizations. Please visit to explore our new ventures of giving back to those organizations which keep our sport growing!

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PA Bot Blast is one of the best robot combat events in the northeast. Thanks to Jeremy and his family for another top notch event.

Brandon Nichols - Team Headbangers

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