Bot Blast

Insectweight Combat Robot Event

Event Information

Bot Blast 2017

10th Annual Event

Saturday July 15th 2017

Columbia Mall, Bloomsburg, PA

Spectators and Friends:

Come see fighting robots in 3 different weight classes at the exciting tournament known as "Bot Blast". The event is hosted by the Columbia Mall and team Dreadfully Wicked Robots. Bot Blast features "insectweight" (1lb, 3lb, and 6lb) remote controlled fighting machines. Robot builders from all across North America gather in Bloomsburg, PA annually with their custom built devices to compete against each other in this fun exhibit of robotic design, engineering, and driving ability.

The event is free to watch and takes place at the Columbia Mall's center gazebo. To keep everyone safe, robots fight inside a big sealed and locked steel cage with walls made of sturdy clear polycarbonate. Fights will start at 11am and continue throughout the day.



Competitor Information:

7:30am - doors open, check-in begins
8:00am- weigh-in and safety begins
10:45am - mandatory competitor meeting
     - Robots MUST be thru weigh-in and safety by 10:45am or they will NOT compete. Make sure your robot works and don't be late!
11:00am - Fights begin
     - 30min Lunch break after the first full round of fights
Official Rumbles will be just before the Finals 

Awards presented immediately after the Finals

Please stick around if possible to help take down the arena and cleanup


Please register in advance by visiting to register. Creating an account at BuildersDB is easy and free. Your only fees are paid at the Bot Blast check-in table at the event. Teams may also bring robots (of any kind or size) to show-off or demo in between matches or during breaks. There is no fee for a robot brought for show/demos/exhibition.

Rules What to Bring
Columbia Mall provides 1 table and 2 folding chairs per team. You are welcome to bring additional chairs as needed. There are three power source spots in the pit area you will need to feed from; bring your own power strips and extension cords as needed. Although we try to always have an official watching over the pit area, we are not responsible for anything lost or stolen at Bot Blast.

Bot Blast uses a modified version of SPARC Rules. The documents can be found on the Rules page.

***Due to the large number of registered robots for the 2017 event, the following rules will apply for Bot Blast 2017:

*All matches in all 3 weight classes will be scheduled for 2 minutes.

*Each TEAM is allowed only 1 postponement during the event.

*No postponements allowed for each robot's first fight of the day, and no postponements for each robot's first fight after the lunch break. Be ready! We can not have delays in the event due to the large number of fights that must be completed!***

Release of Liability
Anyone who enters the pit area is required to sign a release of liability. Any Bot Builder under age 18 who enters the pit area must also have a parent or legal guardian sign their release. The pit area is closed off to the general public, so only those who registered on the BuildersDB and who sign their releases are allowed into the pit area.

Releases of liability will be available to sign at the pit area when you check-in. You will NOT be allowed to enter the pit area until your entry fees are paid & everyone entering the pit area signs a release. Members of your team or friends who are just there to watch do not need to sign a release, unless they wish to enter the pit area.

Contact us if you have any questions. See you July 15th 2017 for our 10th annual Bot Blast!

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