Bot Blast

Insectweight Combat Robot Event

Event Information

Bot Blast 2018

Event information coming soon

Please visit to register. Creating an account at BuildersDB is easy and free. Your only fees are paid at the Bot Blast check-in table at the event. Registration for the 2018 event will open in May 2018.

What to Bring
We provide 1 table and 2 folding chairs per team. You are welcome to bring additional chairs as needed. Please bring your own power strips and extension cords as needed.

Bot Blast uses a modified version of SPARC Rules. The documents can be found on the Rules page.

Release of Liability
Anyone who enters is required to sign a release of liability. Any Bot Builder under age 18 who enters must also have a parent or legal guardian sign their release. Forms will be provided when you arrive.

Contact us if you have any questions. See you in July 2018 for our 11th annual Bot Blast!

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